WELCOME to the DeCarlo Lab

Our research group at Johns Hopkins University is focused on the measurement of chemicals in the air we breathe and how that information can be used to advance science and inform policy.  We seek to understand the composition of particulate matter (or aerosols if you prefer) and gaseous pollutants using advanced instrumentation and low-cost sensors.  Understanding these pollutants allows us to better understand air pollution and climate impacts.  Chemical measurements of air pollutants also provides us with key information for identifying the sources of air pollutants in an area we are studying.


Measurements of particles  and gases in the atmosphere has formed a core part of research in the DeCarlo Group.  Understanding the interplay between emissions, chemistry, and impacts in the atmosphere continues to be a fascinating area of study.


While outdoor air pollution is regulated and monitored, indoor spaces are where we spend the majority of our time.  Understanding both the transport of outdoor air pollution indoors as well as indoor sources of air pollution is a growing area of research in the group.


Measurements made in the DeCarlo lab utilize research grade instrumentation and low cost sensors to understand air pollutant concentrations.  Project needs dictate the most useful technology for our work.


Connecting the research outputs of our projects to appropriate communities and policy makers is an important component of our research.  Science to inform policy is a key part of our efforts, and we design projects with this in mind.